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Dr. Hoffman is skilled in addressing a full range of mental and behavioral health concerns. She has a strong reputation for effectively working with adolescents, adults and their families. The following issues are commonly treated with psychotherapy:

Adolescent Concerns

-Academic Problems 

-Adjustment/Reactions to Life Events 

-Relationship Issues

-Anxiety, Worry, Fears, Stress

-Attention Disorders (ADHD)

-Child Abuse

-Self-Injurious Behaviors (Cutting)


-Developmental and Behavioral Problems

-Divorce and Family Problems

-Motivational and Conduct Concerns

-Time Management

-Spiritual Issues


-Parent/Child Conflict Resolution

-Poor Self Esteem

Adult Concerns

-Adjustment Issues

-Anxiety Disorders

-Adult ADHD

-Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar)

-Marital and Relationship Concerns

-Sexual Issues

-Chronic Illness or Pain

-Spiritual Issues


-Self Esteem

-Women’s Issues, Infertility, Miscarriage


-Family Conflict

-Parenting Concerns


-Career Guidance, Workplace Stress

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